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Legends Of The Superheroes Telugu Full Movie Download

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646f9e108c The adventures of many of DC Comics greatest superheroes and villains. In the first episode, The Challenge, the superheroes must race against time to stop the diabolical supervillians' plot to destroy the world. In the second episode, The Roast, the superheroes pay tribute to Batman and Robin in the form of a roast which even the villains attend.
A teamup of some of DC Comics' greatest superheroes together, for 2 specials: a race to stop the united supervillains' plot to destroy the earth, then later a roast in tribute to all of the heroes hosted by Ed McMahon.
Of all the unintentionally funny things I&#39;ve seen in my time, this is the only one I would actually consider to be a profound experience. This is one of the most awful things I have ever seen, and that&#39;s a compliment.<br/><br/>SPOILERS! Skip to the last paragraph to avoid reading about the best bad moments. Key details revealed here:<br/><br/>The first episode, the Challenge has Captain Marvel being fooled into thinking he needs to see a shrink; he&#39;s not suspicious with a psychiatrist office appears out of nowhere. The Flash runs, stands still in front of picnickers for no reason, then runs again. Everyone visits the same gas station when a woman on the phone provides commentary. A ray removes everyone&#39;s powers and even seems to affect non-powered heroes.<br/><br/>The second episode is (I&#39;m not kidding) a Roast hosted by Ed McMahon; both he and the villains seem to have full access to the heroes&#39; headquarters so they can roast the heroes. Highlight is Legion of Super-Heroes foe Mordru performing &quot;That&#39;s Entertainment&quot;, though Batman and Robin getting into a shtick about a broken Batmobile is another classic bad moment.<br/><br/>Somewhere in both episodes is some idiot named Retired Man.<br/><br/>So bad, but in a funny way, that it sets the standard that every incompetently done TV show or movie should aspire to.
Now &quot;Legends Of The Superheroes&quot; is broken down into two episodes, &quot;The Challenge&quot; and &quot;The Roast&quot;. Here&#39;s a breakdown of why neither should be missed by any DC Comics fan.<br/><br/>For &quot;The Challenge&quot;: Not only do we get a reunion of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Frank Gorshwin from the 1960s Batman TV series and feature film, but we get a multitude of heroes and villains making their live action debuts! The Huntress wouldn&#39;t see another live action portrayal until the 2003 series &quot;Birds Of Prey&quot; and unfortunately she is quite underused just like the Flash is, of whom eventually got his own live action TV show in the 1990s.<br/><br/>The super villain roll call in itself is worth the watch, just to see every villain try out their powers on Gorshwin&#39;s Riddler while he attempts to conduct the roll call! The actor who portrays Solomon Grundy is perfect for the role, and his best performance is in &quot;The Roast&quot; where he single fistedly makes Ed McMahon sorry for ever hosting the show! In possibly one of his finest performances Frank Gorshwin pretends to be a psychiatrist for Captain Marvel, and gives an incredibly fine example of multiple personality disorder from an actor&#39;s…and an arch-villain&#39;s perspective! Then the actor who plays Sinestro is a hoot disguised as a gypsy, and the ring fight between Green Lantern and his traitorous nemesis (for the first time ever in live action spectacle!) is not to be missed, even if the special effects aren&#39;t much more than green and yellow laser beams (what&#39;d you expect, it was only two years after &quot;Star Wars&quot;, geesh! No constructs for those who love seeing things built out of green energy.). The actor who plays Dr. Silvana, the super nemesis of Captain Marvel, is hilarious as heck when he opens up a lemonade stand with lemonade mixed with a potion that takes away super powers! Seriously, the villains really steal the shows from the heroes! For &quot;The Roast&quot;: The actor who plays the Weather Wizard has great comedic timing, but you may not know what weather conditions he was referring to, if you weren&#39;t around or were too young to remember weather prior to 1979. Again the actor who plays Dr. Silvana is an utter show stopper, and puts in a fine performance that&#39;s highly enjoyable. The Atom makes an appearance, and Frank Gorshwin is absent this time around. Batman and Robin&#39;s role is highly diminished, except for when Robin plays charades with Batman trying to explain that he totaled the Batmobile while trying to park it! The humor tends to be a bit more adult, but it&#39;s not like today&#39;s entertainment…this is still child friendly. Then we get a song and dance number from DC&#39;s evil wizard Mordru who does a super villainous rendition of &quot;My Favorite Things/That&#39;s What I Call Entertainment&quot;! These are definitely a must see if you get the chance, they are hilarious, and may even appeal to those who love &quot;so bad they&#39;re good&quot; films! Sincerely, Exchronos

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